Experimenting with Rinses to Reduce Natural Hair Shedding

After doing some research and reading up on different wash day routines of various bloggers, I came across this process of rinsing the natural hair (after shampooing) with tea/coffee. Essentially the idea is that the caffeine in the tea/coffee blocks the effect of a chemical known as DHT  (the trigger for hair shedding) thus leading to increase hair retention over time. {Source}

I thought this was an interesting discovery, and immediately curiosity kicked in. Conveniently for this non-coffee drinker, I had some coffee in the cupboard from when my parents visited me a while back and figured I would go ahead and give the coffee rinse a try. I, the non-coffee drinker, actually own a coffee maker but did not feel like digging for it underneath the counter so I did the following steps to prepare my coffee (the bootleg way, I guess ::shrugs::):

Total prep time: 40 minutes (30 minutes of that were inactive)
  1. Gathered materials: a coffee filter, coffee, and two mason jars. I added 1.5 tablespoons of instant coffee in one mason jar (brand unknown).
  2. Filled the other mason jar with water (approximately 24 oz) and microwaved it until boiling.
  3. Poured the hot water into the jar with the coffee in it.
  4. Let sit as I pre-pooed and shampooed my hair (approximately 30 minutes). Next time, I will probably opt for an overnight steeping process for a stronger coffee.
  5. Added the coffee filter inside the mouth of the other mason jar (that originally contained the water). Secured the filter with a rubber band.
  6. Poured coffee mixture into the mason jar. 
  7. Allowed all the coffee to pass through the filter. Note: I made the mistake of stirring the coffee mixture prior to this step thus causing most of the coffee bits to float all throughout the mixture (instead of remaining settled at the bottom). This made the filtering process much longer.
  8. The finished product. It was cool by the time I was ready to do the rinse.
For the actual rinse, I took a large bowl that served to catch the coffee as I poured it over my scalp. I did this by holding my head over (face down) the sink with the bowl inside the sink. Starting at the nape of my neck, I slowly poured the coffee over my scalp making sure to cover the entire area. It was soooo cool...brrrr. After I finished the first rinse, I took the coffee in the bowl and poured it back into the mason jar and repeated the process two more times. Before the final (fourth) rinse, I dipped my ends inside the bowl, not knowing if this would have any type of effect. Then I proceeded to pouring the coffee through my hair, allowing the coffee to go directly down the drain.

Once my hair stopped dripping, I let the coffee sit in my hair for about 10 minutes before deep conditioning my hair for 30 minutes. I detangled my hair with my denman brush and rinsed the conditioner from my hair. 

I noticed not as much shed hair was in my hair stopper nor my brush at the end of the process. Now, I am not sure if the decrease in hairs was a result of my hair already being well detangled from my co-wash this past Sunday or because of the "immediate" response to this rinse process. I am going to add this step to my regimen and reassess it by the end of the year. I plan to do the coffee rinse every other week so by the end of December, I should be able to better note any changes in my shedding rate. Nevertheless, my hair was well cleansed and moisturized at the end of my entire wash process.

Since this is really new to me, I am very curious to know your experiences with coffee/tea rinses! Please share your techniques and types of teas/coffee brands you use.  What results have you achieved with rinsing? Is this a regular part of your regimen? 

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