Flexi-Rod Twists

Just showing a simple update to a week old twist hairstyle by using flexi-rods to spiral twists. Last night, Z drenched her twists while in the shower (intentional). I dried her hair with a t-shirt and sealed in the moisture with extra virgin olive oil followed by Shea Butter. I decided to take it a step further by adding flexi-rods to her twists so they can set overnight as they air dried. This morning, I removed the rods and separated the clumps of twists (but not the twists themselves because I want another 3-4 days out of these twists). I can imagine a fuller and curlier result if I would have untwisted each twists though. Eh, maybe another day. We loved the bouncy results and they held up well the entire day. Flexi-rods can be a old twist set's best pal. :-)

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