Hair Tip: Diluting Shampoo to Effectively Cleanse Scalp and Save Money

When it comes down to shampooing our hair, the main focus in the process is getting the scalp clean. The ends of the hair automatically get clean as the shampoo runs down the hair shafts from the roots. 

As our hair gets longer, thoroughly applying undiluted shampoo directly onto our scalp with just the fingers/fingertips has increasingly proven to be a very inefficient method of cleansing our heads well. I have found myself using way more shampoo than necessary just to ensure I am adequately covering all the sections of our heads.  Therefore, to really reach the entire scalp, I have been using a nozzle bottle (bought at local beauty shop) to dilute between 1-2 tablespoons of shampoo with warm water.  With the nozzle, I can easily access the scalp and apply the solution over the entire head. Then, I am able to gently massage the scalp to work the shampoo in and cleanse it efficiently without having to waste extar shampoo straight from its original container. In the end, I am getting a better bang for my buck and achieving a cleaner scalp for both me and my daughter.

Hope this helps! How do you apply shampoo to your hair/scalp?

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