Hair Tip: T-Shirt Drying Over Towel Drying Natural Hair

You spent precious time washing, conditioning, and detangling your child's natural hair. Once the process is finally completed, you go and reach for the...

Bath Towel?

That seemingly soft, plush, and cuddly material that feels so good against your child's skin can actually wreck havoc over the hard work you put into managing your child's hair. The surface of the towel can create friction against the hair shaft and lead to frizz and tangles especially if you scrunch the hair inside to absorb as much water as possible.

Instead of the towel, grab an old t-shirt to do the job. The surface of the t-shirt is much smoother and gentler on our curly locks. Also, scrunching and bunching the hair to dry is hardly ever a good idea anyway because it can cause unnecessary tangling and knotting. Rather, just cover the entire head with the shirt and let the hair rest for 10-15 minutes if possible to absorb the excess moisture. If you are pressed for time and the hair is already twisted/braided in sections, just take the shirt and dry the hair in a downward motion from roots to tip (never tip to roots).

A little moisture is a great basis for the LOC method to help keep your child's hair sealed and hydrated especially this time of year.

How do you typically dry your or your child's hair?

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