How to Install Faux Locs in 5 Hours or Less (Video Tutorial Included)

As I was researching about faux locs, I came across a blog post titled:
How To Install Faux Loc Extensions In Under 5 Hours
Wait!!! What?!!! REAALLY?! I was flabbergasted at the mere thought that this feat of installing faux locs (or genie locs) could be achievable in under half a day! I definitely got sidetracked from my original task at hand as I took a deeper look into what this post was all about.

Now upon further reading of the post, I learned that the faux locs shown are different from yarn wraps. I know the terms (along with genie locs) are used interchangeably, but in this case, no yarn was used to achieve this particular style. In a sense, I started not to feel as bad for enduring almost a day worth of time installing my yarn wraps and was calm enough emotionally to enjoy the article. lol (But seriously, if anyone knows how to reduce the time to install yarn wraps, PLEASE share. Really, I am urging you....::smile::).

The concept (as explained in the video shown below) is that majority of the locs are crocheted into the hair with a front section of loose hair designated for individually installing sections of faux locs.

This is so ingenious (in my book)! I have never done a crocheted style myself and have not worn one since I was a teenage so I probably would have never come up with such an idea myself.

After watching this YouTuber's (teeday6) tutorial and seeing her amazing results, I just could not help but to share her video here for my reference and possibly inspire someone out there to try this install method. Under 5 hours is very hard to pass up! Time wise, this method is a very reasonable (and ideal) alternative to the original yarn wraps. Cost wise, the materials used totalled under $50 which is not bad for about 5 hours of work as long you are getting a good wear out of them.

Ok, enough yapping!!! Check it out and let me know what you think. Would you try this? How long does it take to install your faux locs? Does it beat this record? 

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