Initial Review: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

In my search for good "cheapie" conditioners, I have found a few sources where some women have raved about Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner as a good economical co-wash conditioner option. Who would have known that Trader Joe's had their own line of hair products??? Definitely not me! I rarely had a reason to stop by Trader Joe's except to pick up some coconut oil, maple agave syrup blend, and a few bags of their yummy garlic dough. Nevertheless, for under $4 a bottle, I could not help to dart myself to Trader Joe's Friday to pick up a bottle of this conditioner--along with some more coconut oil and dough while I was at it--to use for tonight's co-wash session.

It must be a pretty popular product because there were only a few bottles of the conditioner left and no more bottles of the corresponding shampoo on the shelf. Must be a good sign, eh! I was highly curious to see what this product was all about.

At first glance, reading the back label, the Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner contains lots of organic ingredients, has no sulfates or dyes, and is cruelty-free (for the vegans and animal rights/conscious naturals out there). The claim is that this conditioner:
  • will rejuvenate your hair with its refreshing tingle
  • will moisturize and clarify hair while alleviating dry scalp
  • is suitable for all hair types
No red flags here and this product looks a whole lot better than the Suave and Pantene conditioners I picked up recently! So I proceeded to my tonight's co-wash session.

The conditioner has a nice peppermint scent that is not overbearing at all. The texture is not as thick as the Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner but has a pretty decent weight to it (aka not super runny). As I applied it to each section of my hair to finger detangle, I initially felt there was not as much slip as I would have liked. Also, I did not feel that tingling sensation right off the bat as I massaged my scalp with the conditioner. Nevertheless, I continued with my massage and focused on fully saturating my ends with the conditioner. I took my denman brush and detangled my hair to remove the shed strands and allowed the conditioner to sit on my hair for 10 minutes as I proceeded with the rest of my shower before rinsing it from my hair. My hair felt adequately moisturized.

As I stepped out the shower and the cold air hit my head, I immediately felt the tingling sensation all over. Whew!!! It was nice AHA moment! :-)

I sectioned my hair into four parts, applied extra virgin olive oil followed by shea butter to LOC the moisture inside my hair. I banded each section and tied my hair up for the night.

Even 2 hours later as I type this post, I am still feeling the cool tingles on my scalp! I am feeling quite positive so far from my initial experience with the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. Over the next several weeks, I will revisit this review as I continue to use this product for my co-washes. The only thing I might do differently is to add some oil (extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil) to a small batch of the conditioner to provide more slip. Other than that, I am hoping for the same tingling feeling I experienced tonight. I can't wait to try this on Z's hair soon!

Have you tried the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner before? What was your experience(s) with it? What other cheap co-wash conditioners do you use/recommend? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page (click here).

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