My Hair Regimen Updates

I really need to buckle down on a winter regimen that will work for my hair. Although my hair has been in protection mode underneath my wig for some time now (as I grow it out to a length I want to work with), I have had some struggles with keeping it adequately moisturized/deep conditioned especially as the weather has gotten cooler. This past Wednesday, I co-washed my hair and used the baggy method to assist in replenishing moisture to my hair overnight. Yesterday morning, I applied olive oil to my hair and sealed with Shea Butter (using the LOC method). By last night, my hair was so unbelievably soft and moisturized. It was an amazing feeling but it definitely highlighted my slackness in maintaining a moisturizing regimen over time.

My proposed hair plan/regimen for over the winter is:
  • to wash my hair at least once at the beginning of each month to coincide with Z's wash schedule (if needed, I will wash my hair mid-month)
  • to deep condition bi-weekly
  • to co-wash twice each week on Sundays/Thursdays preferably
  • to moisturize my hair using the LOC method after each session

I am a firm believer in simplicity (although it has seemed more as a belief in laziness lately) and it is my hope that I will maintain this relatively simple regimen going into this cold and possibly harsh winter season. 

How has your current regimen been working so far as we change seasons? Are there any modifications you have made or need to make? Leave you comments below or share on our Facebook page (click here).

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