My Wash Day Updates

I am going to strive to keep up with journaling my wash day updates to help hold me accountable to my natural hair management/maintenance.

I decided to go ahead and wash my hair last night to give myself a clean slate to work with as I establish a more effective winterized hair regimen. After cleansing my hair, I conditioned my hair with Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner (because we're running low on our Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner and the Suave was already in my shower). I will admit that I am definitely enjoying this particular conditioner because it is thick and creamy and provides plenty of slip for detangling. A little goes a long ways with this condition and I value that aspect very much. After conditioning my hair, I sectioned my hair into four parts, did the LOC method using water, extra virgin olive oil, and Shea Butter as my three components, and banded each section to keep my hair stretched while in low maintenance underneath my wig/wig cap.

I plan to cowash and LOC my hair on Sunday.

Any special plans for your hair this weekend? Share below or on our Facebook page (click here).

Have a warm Friday!

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