Quick Style Update: Free-Spirited Twist Out

Since yesterday was a half day at school for Z, I decided to wrap up her twist hairstyle with a twist out. She has not worn her hair "loose" or "out" since starting school because I typically like to keep her hair in some sort of protective style and was not sure how well she would handle her hair being out. She likes to play in it when it is down and has a tendency to manipulate it especially when she is around her friends. Plus, there's always that one story where a child comes home with her hair hacked by her male classmate with scissors or somehow manages to get gum stuck in the hair...lol. But I figured she would be away for only a few hours and all would be just fine. I mean how much can a hairstyle change over the course of 4 hours in an environment where the focus should be on learning? 

When doing a twist out, I typically apply oil to my fingers as I unravel the twists to minimize frizz during the process. However, in the morning rush, I did not do that this time, but all was fine. Her hair was well moisturized so I did not add any additional product to her hair. Her hair was in a curly bun overnight (as a result of using flexi rods days before) so her twist out had a free-spirited flow rather than an uniform, hang straight down look. She loved her hair and decided to throw on her Hello Kitty necklace to match her Hello Kitty clips that were used to pin her hair back on one side. 

When I picked her up from school, all was well! No chopped areas, no gum, no glue. Just a few pieces of straw from playing at recess. I guess I can handle that. ::smile::

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