Simple Medium Twist Hairstyle on Damp Hair

After wearing her previous cornrow hairstyle in for 2 weeks, I wanted to switch back to a basic twist style on Z's hair. I am planning on a yarn wrap install on her hair in a few weeks and want to allow her hair and scalp to rest before then. 

  • I applied conditioner and water to her hairstyle for easy removal.
    • Used pick to quickly remove cornrows
    • Sprayed hair as needed with distilled water
    • Process took 45 minutes
  • Co-washed her hair
    • Detangled hair into several sections
    • Finger detangled first before using Denman brush
    • Twisted each section following detangling to prevent retangling
    • Thoroughly rinsed conditioner out of hair using warm water
  • Applied Shea Moisture Curl Milk and extra virgin olive oil, respectively, to each section.
  • Twisted each section in medium sized twists.
  • Took 1.25 hours to twist her entire head.
I don't have any special plans for her hair with this style in except maybe a twist out by the end of the week. I am not sure how well a twist out will hold up for her while at school, but I guess there's a first for everything! I will retwist her hair this upcoming Saturday and plan to moisturize her hair with water nightly before bed.

Oh how I love her silliness and big smile! :-)

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