4-Week Daily Moisturizing Challenge Update

I am a third way through this daily moisturizing challenge and so far, so good. Since initiating this challenge, I have not experience a lick of dry hair. Yesterday, I created a new batch of my homemade moisturizing spritz that is different from the first one I made {see post for new recipe}. Comparing the two batches, I loved how the Knot Today leave-in conditioner from the first batch made my hair feel in comparison to the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner in my current batch. In other words, there isn't as much slip in this batch like the first one. However, I am not aiming to detangle my hair with my spritz but simply to re-moisturize my hair on a daily basis. I will say I love how my current batch smell from the lavender and rosemary essential oils infused within...very calming. 

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