Finger Detangling to Preserve Ends and Maximize Length Retention

Don't you know we walk around with the best combs in the world already at hand for detangling our natural hair?

Yep, we have our fingers! 

When it comes to keeping manipulation gentle especially on fine natural hair, our fingers are our best tools at removing tangles and knots from our hair. Unlike raking a comb through our tresses, we can get a better feel of each tangle and knot we stumble across in the detangling process. With this advantage, we can better remove each tangle without having to constantly pull at it is if we were using a comb.

The best way to finger detangle is on hair that has been damp and saturated with a moisturizing product that has good slip: either a conditioner or oil (or mix both for extra slip!). An adequate amount of slip in a product is key in aiding the fingers through the hair and gliding them through tangles without the unnecessary tension. When you come across a stubborn knot, just add more water and product and work the tangle out from the tip up. It is critical to be patient when detangling and not rush a knot or tangle out the hair. That is almost an automatic catalyst for breakage. Also, never attempt to remove a knot or tangle from root to tip because this motion could possibly tighten the tangle thus exacerbating the issue and causing further damage to the hair. 

The ends of the hair are the oldest parts of our hair so special TLC should be given in order to preserve them and maximize length retention.

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