Hair Tip: Quickly Remove Lint from Child's Hair with Just Two Tools

I saw this video on CurlyNikki and had to share! It is amazing how much lint Z accumulates in her hair especially when I band her hair (to stretch it) and have her wear her hair banded for a week before actually styling her hair. By the time I remove the bands, so much lint can be found underneath the bands/ponytail holders that it can be a nuisance to remove by gently scratching or combing the lint away. In the video below, DiscoveringNatural explains an effective, practical yet quick way to remove lint with just two everyday tools: a brush and a pair of stockings. Go figure! Check out how effortlessly she wisks the lint away from a week old style on her daughter's hair:


Do you experience those sneaky lint bunnies in you or your child's hair?

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