Moisturizing My Hair Daily | My 4-Week Challenge

Something that takes no longer than a minute to do twice a day should not be a challenge, right?

Well since lightly spraying my hair IS such a "small and simple" task, I often forget this step in my regimen especially when my hair is unexposed on a regular basis. Unfortunately over time, due to the cooler season and higher temperatures at home, my hair can become dry even in protective styling.

For the next 4 weeks, I will be deliberate in my moisturizing efforts by lightly spritzing my hair with a homemade spray mix once in the morning and once at night (with no extra sealing) between each wash day session. It is a simple as that! (...which is why it is my challenge ::wink::)

{Here is a post} explaining the role of each component of the recipe.

For my current batch, I am using the rest of my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In and a few drops of Olive Oil (the bottle in the picture says jojoba oil, but I like to recycle those bottles for other oils). The spray bottle I bought from Dollar Tree. I am not sure how long this batch will last, but once it runs out, I will probably use some Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk in place of the Knot Today and add in some Aloe Vera Juice (which I plan to purchase soon). I will do a few light sprays to my hair as I do not want to end up with super wet or mushy hair underneath my wig. I will also use this mix to spritz Z's yarn wraps every other night.

So this is the gist of my own personal challenge to wrap of the year and start next year on a strong start.

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