Motivational Monday: Encouraging Yourself in Pursuit of Your Hair/Health Goals

Sometimes you have to look back on what you have already overcome and achieved in order to motivate and encourage yourself in your present struggles. Despite struggling with trich (a condition I have struggled with since 12 that can easily destroy my hair progress if not managed), I was able to grow my natural hair out to lengths I could have never managed before in my journey 3 years ago with proper attention and education about my own natural hair care. After undergoing several major hair setbacks, I am once again  striving to reach this place once again.  

My desire to grow my hair long again does not stem from the fact that I want to attract more attention or brag about a long hair length. Rather, I want to prove to myself that I am stronger than before and that I can overcome my same challenges once more. I want to set an example that regardless what may try to sidetrack my progress, I am determined to push through to my goal. Cheers to each step of the way in our own personal journeys! 

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