Motivational Monday: Take Pictures, See Progress!

I realized that I have taken sooooo many pictures of my hair journey in the 10 years I have been natural. In the beginning stages, it was the excitement of experimenting with a new texture of hair after being relaxed for over 10 years of my life, and the middle phase was where I experimented with lots of hair colors and over heating my hair with flat irons and blow dryers (tsk, tsk, tsk). Now in the later stages of my journey, I have been focused more on health and retention. Back in 2010, I was almost one year post-partum and my hair had finished that dreadful shedding phrase. Unfortunately with a new baby on board (mixed in with some PPD), I barely gave my hair the time of day. And it was surely evident. I decided to discipline myself to take better care of hair, body, and soul that year. I committed to a one year protective styling challenge to improve my hair's condition and retain every inch that grew from my scalp. In addition, I lost weight through more physical activity and got therapy to deal with my depression. It was amazing seeing so many positive changes in my life at a time I felt in a limbo.

At the end of the one year challenge, I made such noticeable, huge progress in my hair journey despite not being able to tell from the hustle of day to day living. This is why I encourage snapping a picture here and there to keep track of your progress, which is not at all difficult to do in this #selfie day and age we are living in. Really, the pictures do speak for themselves! I dug up this old picture of my results as I browsed around my old blog. I retained all of my hair length between April 2010 and April 2011 except for a 1/2 inch trim back in August 2010 by committing to my 1 year wig/protective styling challenge. Even Z had her own personal progress! :-)

I am thinking about doing another challenge for 2015. I am not sure if I will do it for an entire year or just 6 months. Nevertheless, I think it would help me to stay motivated on my goals toward healthier, longer hair for the upcoming year.

Have you done a long term challenge before? Short term? What hair/health goals are you planning for the next year for yourself?

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