My 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buys

This is my third year participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday. In the past I have focused on boots, winter gear, crafts, and home stuff. One of the last things to cross my mind to buy are hair products. One blog posted a huge list of  Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for natural hair care products. It was a DUH moment for me. So in light of seeing so many specials, I ventured off to see what products and tools I could score.

I will first mention my huge Black Friday fail. Shea Moisture is one of my favorite hair product brands. I have been using it for over 3 years now (link from my old blog), and the specific lines we use from Shea Moisture just work consistently for our hair. There was a BOGO free deal at Sally's Beauty Stores on all Shea Moisture products. Great news, right? Well, I found out about it at 11:51pm that night via a comment someone left on a blog. UGH! So, with the sale ending at 11:59pm, I did not have much time to waste. Since Sally's were obviously closed at the time, I could only order online. There's a $50 minimum for free shipping so I figured I would buy enough product to get us through a good portion of 2015. I had my items in my cart, ready to order, but right before I clicked submit order, the clock struck 11:59pm and the sale ended. I mean, literally, I was going to submit that order until I noticed on the screen that my total order was twice more than the Black Friday price. I stared at the screen with a dropped jaw. ::slapshandonforehead:: #boo

Aubrey Organics: (CM deal: 25% off orders + free shipping)

But things worked out in my favor when I was able to score some Aubrey Organic Shampoos and Conditioners for a great deal. They had a buy 1 conditioner and get 1 shampoo for free deal with free shipping over $25. In addition to that, there was a 20% entire order promo that I stacked on top of the deal. #winning I used Aubrey Organics years ago and enjoyed their products, but Shea Moisture came through and won my heart. Nevertheless, I am excited to try them out again and perhaps add this brand back into my regimen. I ordered a total of 4 shampoos and 4 conditioners for under $35. This brand is usually around $10 a bottle from Whole Foods. I will do a post on the specific shampoos/conditioners I ordered once they arrive. This sort of makes up for the Shea Moisture flop. Sorta.

Knot Genie: (BF/CM deal: 50% off orders with code BF2014)

A few weeks ago, I read a post by Brown Girls Hair for this product called The Knot Genie. The blogger, Shaunic, posted a video demonstrating her using the Knot Genie on her daughter's long natural hair (who happens to be tender headed). I was impressed with how well the Knot Genie glided through both the daughter's hair as well as the mom's painlessly. I am not the one to easily fall into buying something the first time I see or hear about it, but I definitely wanted to try this tool if it's going to help ease the detangling process and cut down time. Plus, we're in the market for new detangling brushes anyway. With the current 50% off all order deal, I purchased two brushes: the Supreme Genie (with the handle) and the Original Genie. I can't wait for these brushes to arrive!

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap by Thermal Hair Care: (CM deal: 20% off caps (already reflected in price) + free shipping with orders over $50)

Currently, our deep conditioning process involves using a plastic bag over our heads (and sometimes with a warm towel over that) in attempt to generate enough heat for our hair to absorb the conditioner. While this method has been okay, it certainly comes with its fair share of limitations especially for a 5 year old. I found this deal today on Relaxed Therapy for a microwavable deep conditioning cap by Thermal Hair Care for under $25. These stylish caps contains flax seeds that can retain up to 30-45 minutes of gentle moist heat once microwaved for a few minutes. Tired of our method of deep conditioning, I bit the bullet and ordered the one pictured to the right. I am excited about this cap because I know we can benefit so much more from our deep conditioning sessions if we add more heat to the process.

So this is my round up of buys for this year. I will say for me that shopping online is the way to go for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. My wish list of things to buy in the future include:
What deals did you score this year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday? What is on your wish list for later?

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