My Itchy Dry Scalp is Driving Me Crazy!

Instead of finding myself in deep sleep in order to be well rested for 8AM Sunday service yesterday, I drugged my tired self right into the shower a little after midnight Saturday night to do a quick co-wash session (without the pre-poo and detangling {eek!!}). I decided I just could not take it any longer; my scalp was dry, itchy, and flaky. I needed some relief and quick! 

Here's what I did:
  • Co-washed with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner. Rinsed hair.
  • Applied ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse to scalp via an applicator bottle.
  • Rinsed hair with cool water.
  • Sprayed hair with homemade spritz.
  • Banded into 5 sections.
  • Covered hair.
  • Went to bed.
Since I did not detangle my hair, I am curious how challenging the next wash day session will be in that aspect. It is a co-wash week {and hopefully I will have my heat cap} so maybe I nice heated pre-poo session with some heat will help melt away those tangles for an easier detangling process. My Knot Genie brushes should be in my possession on Monday in time for Thursday's wash session.

I am hoping the ACV rinse will help tone down some of the itchiness and dryness I have been feeling lately. As far as my hair goes, it felt well moisturized from the daily spritzing I have been doing and had a nice shine {can't tell from pictures}.

Do you experience dry, itchy, flaky scalp especially during the colder seasons? What techniques/products do you use to resolve this issue?

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