Night Time Hair Protection Using a Bonnet: Part 1

A bonnet is a special satin/silk head covering usually worn overnight to help protect the natural hair from unnecessary breakage and dryness from sleeping on a regular cotton (and moisture sucking) pillowcase. With the entire head covered, tangles, knots, and matted hair are significantly reduced thus leading to better style preservation, greater hair retention, and easier next-day styling.

I was a bonnet/scarf wearer before Z was born although I was nowhere near as consistent as I am now. Nevertheless, I knew the importance of wearing one when it comes to protecting my natural hair and preserving a hairstyle overnight.

Wearing a bonnet is ideal for anyone who desires healthier natural hair and retention. As for when a child can and should start wearing a bonnet, the earlier, the better. But please be warned that getting your child to wear a bonnet or keep it on may be quite challenging.

Z was introduced to a bonnet when she was a little younger than 2 years old. Her hair at that time was starting to fill out and it was retaining more length.  From our initial experience of establishing the practice of wearing a bonnet, I would find Z's bonnet was already removed by midnight every night. Seriously, this child was persistent! On top of that, she was going through this "I am not wearing anything on my head" cute headbands, pretty hats, adorable barrettes, and certainly not some plain ol' hair bonnet.

But little did she know that this momma was even more persistent. Either I would put the bonnet back on her head at night or just wait until the next night to try again. The key is to not give up and stay consistent in this trying process! After WEEKS, she finally got the memo that wearing a bonnet is what we do in our house. Period. Now, over 3 years later, wearing one as second-nature to her (and me) as wearing pajamas to bed. No questions asked. :-)

So this is how we got our bonnet routine established. In the next part of this series (on Wednesday), I will discuss a few more tips in establishing the night time practice and ways to wear the hair underneath the bonnet to achieve the best next day hairstyle results.

Is your child wearing a bonnet to bed? Was it challenging to get her to wear/keep on the bonnet overnight? What issues are you having in establishing the practice?

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