Quick Check In and Updates

Real quick:
  • 4 week daily moisturizing challenge has been going well. My hair (especially my edges and nape) is maintaining its softness.
  • I bought this huge gallon jug of this "organic" aloe vera juice from Trader Joe's today for under $9. It says it is made up of 99.9% organic aloe vera juice {inner fillet}. I plan on using this to create a new batch of homemade spritz and for rinsing our scalps to alleviate itchiness and dryness.
  • In addition, I purchased a bag of whole flax seeds from Trader Joe's so I can make some homemade flax seed gel soon.
  • My order from Aubrey Organics came in. Now I would like to stock up on some Shea Moisture products so my stash will be complete for a good while.
  • I am still waiting for my Knot Genie brushes and Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap.
  • I finally created a page detailing our hair regimen {click here}.

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