Quick Co-Wash Day Update | First Time Using Flaxseed Gel

I made some flaxseed gel yesterday so I wanted to do a co-wash to test it out. I did the following last night:
  • Applied Aubrey's Island Nature Conditioner to hair focusing on the ends.
  • Layered hair with Aubrey's Balancing Protein Conditioner.
  • Finger detangled hair under water (to elongate curls) into 4 sections. I did not detangle fully because it was late and I wanted to test out my Knot Genie brush on slightly tangled hair Friday night.
  • Rinsed hair thoroughly to remove all conditioner from scalp.
  • Applied my homemade Shea Butter mix one section at a time.
  • For each section, I liberally applied (more so on my right side than the left) my homemade flaxseed gel and twisted each section into 4-6 smaller twists.
  • Air dried hair overnight.
Here is a picture of my first batch of flaxseed gel: 

While some consider the gel consistency to be like mucus (gross), I would like to think of it as egg white. Besides, as a vegetarian, I am very familiar with the property of flax + water = vegan "egg white" especially when it comes to baking eggless goodies. I have combined grounded flaxseed and water so many times this year {my first as a vegetarian} that I am accustomed to the gooeyness of this combo. I just never figured this same magic could be used for my hair {the whole flaxseed, not the grounded version, of course}.

Here is a picture of my hair before and after the flaxseed application (sorry for the sucky quality):
Next time, I will try to take better pictures because I want to stress that this gel clumped my hair together almost effortlessly. I did not use a comb or brush to evening distribute the gel nor did I adequately raked my fingers through my hair to achieve this. I pretty much slathered the gel on my hair, raked a few times, and viola!
I can only imagine how much definition I can get when I do distribute the gel fully throughout each section.

The final picture is of my twists. I did exactly 20 them so I can do a twist out.
My hair did not feel sticky or crunchy as it dried. I was tired by this point so I covered my head and went to bed. I will post the twist out results in {an upcoming post}.

I will do a wash day on Friday evening as I will be traveling out of town on Saturday.

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