Quick Protective Style: Tuck and Roll with Twists

The day following my last wash session, I decided to put my twists into a quick tuck and roll hairstyle instead of wearing my twists down. I love this style because it is off my neck meaning I don't have to deal with my ends snagging on clothes, coats, and scarves.  I want to preserve my twists over our holiday vacation without having to do too much manipulation and restyling. I plan to wear this style until next Tuesday. At night, I spritz my hair with my moisturizing spray, smooth out my edges with some Aloe vera gel, and tie my hair down with my scarf. No fuss at all. If my twists start to look too unkempt by then, I will simply cover my hair and wear my wig to carry me until then. 

With all this rain going on down South, this is the right style for me right now. 

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