Quick Update on Z's Yarn Wraps

It's been a little over two weeks since I installed Z's yarn wraps, and they are still holding up quite strong. She has been wearing them in a high bun since the installment so I decided to switch it up and do a low style (and add a flower accessory). Her scalp is in great condition; there are no signs of flakiness and dryness. I have been spritzing her scalp and wraps every other night to keep everything hydrated especially since we have had some issues with her scarf/bonnet slipping off at night. Now with her hair in a low style, my hope is that we will have more success in keeping her hair protected overnight. The original plan is to keep the wraps in for 3 weeks (up until the beginning of her winter break). However, I might extended the style for another week to get is through some holiday travel. I will check in a week from now to see what I will do. 

She loves her new style although she is currently under the weather. She will have her first sick day from school on tomorrow ::sad face::, and she is not too thrilled about that. Hopefully we will get out and enjoy the sunny weather tomorrow so she is not stuck inside "bored" as she would say. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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