Twist Out Results Using Homemade Flaxseed Gel

This set of 20 twists were done after my last wash day on Wednesday. I made a batch of flaxseed gel to try for the first time on my twists. Here are the results of using the gel + my homemade Shea butter mix on damp (not soaking wet) hair:

All did was unravel the twists. I applied olive oil on my hands to minimize frizz and to add shine as I took down each twist. No extra separation was done at the point.

I carefully separated each piece of the twist out into 2-4 smaller sections to create a fuller look and to close any gaps due to sectioning and parting.

I went in hard for this round of manipulation as in I separated each piece of the twist out as much as I could while being careful not to lose total definition. Some frizz was invited to the party as I teased my roots to help create more volume. I love big hair so frizz does not concern me too much when I am wearing a twist out. Twists, on the other hand, is a different story.

Although I enjoyed making my hair bigger, my favorite style was the twist out puff. I just like my hair pulled up and out of my face. If it was not winter, I probably would ditch the wig and wear my hair like this. I love the definition of my twist out going this way and that in the puff. I am not a slick edge gal so the baby hairs were doing their own thing. 

So as you can see, through all the manipulation I did, my twist out still maintained a good definition. I made a second batch of flaxseed gel to use tonight after I shampoo/condition my hair. My first impression of the gel is good. My hair was not dry, hard, crunchy, or flaky. Just soft and defined! I am looking forward to similar results (or better) tonight. 

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