Wash Day Updates | My First Green Tea Rinse

About 1.5 weeks ago, I did my first coffee rinse on my hair. Fast forward to tonight, I decided to try out this green tea rinse business. Why not, right?

Tonight's wash session went down like this:
  1. Took down banded sections and lightly finger detangled my dry hair. Shedding was minimal. Although it has been a week since my last wash session, my hair still felt moisturized (but on the verge of being dry) and smooth (from last week's protein treatment). I do need to incorporate spritzing my hair at least every other night with a homemade moisturizing spray. Even though my hair is being protected underneath my wig, I still need to give it some mid week moisture especially my edges and nape.
  2. Pre-pooed hair with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner + Olive Oil (I didn't feel like melting out some coconut oil this time) for 30 minutes under a plastic bag. (I can't wait for my Hot Head Deep Conditioning cap to arrive ::smile::)
  3. Rinsed and divided hair into six sections. Shampooed hair with diluted Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo (in a nozzle bottle) and focused on massaging my scalp to get it really clean. Currently, I am suffering from itch/dry/flaky scalp and would like to get it under control asap. Plan to incorporate aloe vera juice (once a buy some) in my regimen to help with this along with doing ACV rinses (will do next wash day).
  4. Rinsed and t-shirt dried hair for 5 minutes
  5. Rinsed scalp and hair with green tea five times total (similar to the coffee rinse process except I focused on rinsing the scalp four times and then rinsing my ends for the final rinse). Mmmm, the tea smelled so good. I was tempted to drink it instead. Let sit for 10 minutes. My scalp felt so nice and refreshed. My hair felt a little straw like I supposed but it did not feel brittle at all.
  6. Deep conditioned with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque + Olive Oil (on the ends). I decided not to apply product on my scalp to see if that might help with the itchiness and concentrated on my ends. I twisted hair in to several chunky sections and covered hair with plastic bag for 60 minutes (while working on this post). Rinsed hair with warm water. My hair was so.freaking.soft.and.strong! I was going to detangle my sections using a denman brush but ended up just finger detangling each section while rinsing away the conditioner. I don't know what contributed to the softness--longer conditioning time, green tea rinse, olive oil, a combination of the three--but I am definitely going to repeat this step on next wash day (as long as I don't start too late) to see if these results are reproducible.
  7. T-shirt dried hair for 5 minutes. 
  8. Applied homemade Shea Butter mix to LOC hair. My hair was so shiny at this point! I really like this particular Shea Butter mix.
  9. Banded hair into five sections. Twisted hair back into chunky sections. #lateandlazyandtired
  10. Covered hair.
  11. Went to bed. :-)
The shrinkage is real! See that curl definition on my forehead? I want to thank the protein treatment for that! I have not seen such a naturally non-manipulated curl in the front section of my head in forever. I was pretty stoked about that. :-)
My hair is gradually getting bigger and bigger. :-)

All in all, I loved the green tea rinse better than the coffee rinse plus it smelled a whole lot better! It did make my hair feel a little like straw but that 1 hour deep conditioning treatment nipped that in the bud! Next wash day (on Sunday), I plan to pre-poo with coconut oil (using my Hot Head conditioning cap), co-wash, detangle (hopefully with my Knot Genie), and rinse my scalp with ACV.

Have you tried a green tea rinse before? What are your wash day plans?

The Wash Day Experience 

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