Z's Third Yarn Wrap Installation | Winter Protective Styling

This is the third time I installed yarn wraps in Z's hair. She loves it although I mainly keep them up in a high bun, and I love them because they give me a good 3 week break from styling her hair. In addition, with the weather changing, yarn wraps fully protects the entire length of her natural hair thus making it a great protective hairstyle. My plan is to lightly moisturize her wraps with a homemade moisturizing spritz every other night before bed. Here are some details about the process:
Total time of installation: 
4.5 hrs on day 1
2 hrs on day 2 (I woke up really sick that morning and made slow progress) + 
2.5 hrs on day 3 = 
9 hours total

Out of pocket cost: 
$3 for the yarn (from Michael's craft store with coupon...I only used 1 6oz bundle of yarn for her hair.)

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  1. Washed, deep conditioned, detangled hair {see post}
  2. Starting from the back, created a scallop part (to change it up from the regular box parting)
  3. Spritzed section of hair with distilled water and applied homemade Shea butter mix {see post}
  4. Incorporated yarn into section of hair and wrapped 3-4 inches past actual hair length {see post to see how}
  5. Burned end of wrap to secure wrap
  6. Repeated until done (I divided the installation process over the course of 3 days)
Day 1: All went smoothly, and I was about to get about half her head done in the first sitting. Some sections of her hair are longer than others. Therefore, I had to make sure I did not burn too far up the wrap when sealing it so I would not burn her actual hair. These wraps are a little longer than the ones from the summer because her hair has grown since then.

Day 2: I intended to finish her yarn wraps on this day but I caught some stomach bug apparently and felt HORRIBLE when I woke up. Each yarn wrap was excruciating to complete because I was tired, sluggish, dizzy, and just plain out of it. Nevertheless, I chucked through two hours and got some of the front done just enough for me to gather her hair into a high bun and head out for an out of town Thanksgiving gathering.

Day 3: After taking a day break on Friday from wrapping, I got down to business on Saturday to complete the style. I could not be happier when I finally finished her wraps. Since they are a little longer, making a nice high bun was easier than before. It even held up well after some jumping and running around play time. The next day, I added a flower accessory which she loved.
I am well pleased with this set of yarn wraps although they took forever and a day to do in my book. I think a like the scallop parting more than the box parting. Parting this way surely took a lot of pressure away from having to create straight and well aligned boxes across her head. As far as styling, I do not have much in mind except for keeping it up in a bun like I mentioned earlier. I will see how things look around week 2.

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