100 Years of Beauty | Black and White Side by Side

Beauty is a reflection of who you are, what you like, and can be highly influenced by the present era of time.

Have you seen this video lately? 

I. Love. It! It was very fun to watch and see the hair/makeup transformations of these two women from one decade to another--covering an entire century of beauty in under a minute. Big props to the makeup and hair crew on both of these videos.I honestly loved most of the hairstyles modeled in the both versions.  Here's my take on each era:
  • 1910: I like the whimsical look on the right, but I am all for a nice pompadour like the model on the left, which will make its comeback once my length permits. I, at least, enjoyed the pompadour when I wore my yarn wraps.
  • 1920: I love the lipstick job on the right. So Betty Boop-ish. They were spot on with the pin curls and the sequin headband and fascinator on the black model. #veryjosephinebaker
  • 1930: Bold lipsticks on both women. I don't think I could pull it off. I am more of a lip tint wearer.
  • 1940: I don't understand how women got their hair to stay while wearing the style on the right. It definitely reminds me of a pin up girl style. The pin up style on the black model is so beautiful and soft especially with the flower accessory. I like the softer makeup used for this decade...it enhances both the models' natural beauty.
  • 1950: I love the glamorous look on the white model here. Very flirty and Marilyn Monroe. The black model depicted a more conservative clean look with the pin under style. That lipstick's popping though.
  • 1960: Era of the big hair! You have the free spirited hippy next to the glamorous Motown woman. Once again, I love the toned down makeup on both. 
  • 1970: For whatever reason, I am reminded of Charlie's Angels for the model on the right and. of course, Angela Davis. The 70's rocked once again with big hair on both sides.
  • 1980: Can we say lots of crazy hairstyle and the crimple iron (I owned one a long time ago) for the right model and Vanessa from the Cosby on the left? The fuchsia lipstick is so pretty. This was the beginning of my time so I was kind of expecting the black model to sport a relaxed hairstyle. It seemed by the end of the 80s, there was a huge rise of relaxed hair especially in little girls. #likeme #justsaying
  • 1990: I am so glad they used box braids for the 90's. #sopoeticjustice #iconic I surely wore my fair share of them growing up. The model on the right brought to remembrance the use of those little metal hair clippies. {remember?} I used to wear my hair just like the white model but with a clippie (or two) in place of the bobby pin. 
  • 2000: They kept it nice and simple for the white model while the model on the left sported a cute natural hairstyle. #aliciakeys I will say that I transitioned to natural in 2003-2004 so I experienced the upbringing of the natural hair movement. So little resources existed back then in the early 2000s for transistioners. Oh how for the movement has come. #thankgoodnessforYouTube
  • 2010: I love how natural the models looked here. For some reason, I was expecting to see a wash n go or a twist out rather than a blow out for the black model but love how it depicts that the natural look is here to be fully embraced. Doesn't the white look scream Kim Kardashian? #theducklips #theselfie
I found a lot of inspiriation in the older century styles; they are so classy and perfect for a wedding hairstyle! I am hoping more videos are created depicting other cultures such as Asian, Hispanic, African, Indian, etc and possibly even some male versions and how their hair styles/cuts have transformed through time.

There is so much beauty to be appreciated within and across each culture in every decade. What do you think about these videos? What's your favorite era? What styles you thought should have been included?

{click here} for the full white beauty version.
{click here} for the full black beauty version.

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