4-Week Daily Moisturizing Challenge Results

A month ago, I committed myself to a personal 4 week challenge of moisturizing my hair on a daily basis. This may seem like a menial task to many, but for me, it was a small task easily and often overlook throughout the hustle and bustle of the week. Determined to prevent dry brittle hair (especially since wearing it out more as of late) and alleviate my itchy scalp (by incorporating more aloe vera juice in my regimen), I partook this daily moisturizing challenge to help establish the habit and winterize my regular hair routine. 

I did not 100% stick to the challenge. For the most part, I remembered to spritz my hair at least once per day, only missing a couple days. #bigimprovementforme (!!!) The original plan was to spritz hair twice per day (in the AM and PM) but this turned out to be a bit much when I wore my wig. However, the need is definitely there when wearing my ends out and being subjected to the cold weather throughout the day.

Overall, I conclude this challenge a success. My hair remained adequately hydrated the entire month although I continued to experience some itchiness (which according to a recent post by Leah at GHRH may be due to inadequate product rinsing from hair during wash sessions rather than the task of spritzing my hair itself). This challenge has also helped me to moisturize Z's hair regularly as well while she was sporting yarn wraps (because it is oh so easy to neglect hair not seen...outta sight outta mind, you know?). 

Even though this challenge has ended, I definitely am going to continue the practice for both of us.  I plan to tweak my spritz formula  to incorporate a higher ratio of aloe vera juice and make it light enough for daily use to reduce product build up. I will post any alterations to my recipes as they come so I can track how they react to our hair/scalp for future reference.

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Hope this inspires you to moisturize my hair regularly if you aren't already! What methods do you use to keep your moisture level on lock this winter?

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