Bunning on Shorter Natural Hair | Pictorial

I am finding that bunning is becoming a more convenient protective styling option when I do not feel like installing twists in my hair hours at a time. Although my natural hair length is a bit short for the traditional bun, there's no reason for me to miss out on the bunning fun!  Here is a pictorial I created to show how I did the bun pictured above.

1. Moisturize and seal hair. Add part if desired.
2. Slick down hair with gel (used aloe vera) into a low loose puff. On shorter hair, a puff will help create a "fuller" bun compared to a tighter ponytail/ponypuff. Use bobby pins to secure short pieces of hair.
3. Create medium size twists on your puff.
4. Using bobby pins, pin twists one by one to form a circular shaped bun. Pin a few twists in the middle to add "volume" to your bun.
5. Tie hair down overnight to set hair and smooth edges against head.
6. Remove scarf and enjoy your sleek bun hairstyle! :-)

How do you protective style shorter natural hair? Do you use bunning as an option? Share your styles below in the comment section!

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