Co-Washing a Different Way | Saves Money and Time

Naptural85 is one of my favorite channels to watch on YouTube. Her personality is so upbeat plus her natural hair is super long and amazing aka she knows what she's doing. 

Anyway, I recently watched an older video of hers titled "How to Cowash for Shiny Strong Natural Hair". In summary, she pretty much demonstrates how she co-washes and detangles her hair OUTSIDE the shower thus making the in-shower portion a breeze. I found it interesting how she uses aloe vera juice after rinsing each section and then sealing it in with an oil before doing a final rinse through that section. This got me thinking about the gallon jug of aloe vera juice sitting in my fridge and how I can use this method to start putting a dent in my supply. Tonight is my co-wash night (thank goodness!) so I will test this method to see how my hair feels (and report my findings, of course!)

Here's the video if you are interested:

Have your tried this method of co-washing? What ways do you simplify your wash sessions?

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