D.I.Y Snagless Elastic Hair Bands | Quick + Easy Tutorial

  • tights (used a pair that had a hole in one leg...Z plays rough sometimes #itscool)
  • sharp pair of scissors (fabric scissors work great to create clean straight cuts)
  1. Lay tights on a flat hard surface
  2. Cut the toe portion off tights (#discard)
  3. Starting from the foot of the tights, cut 1 inch strips (Note: thinner strips make looser bands; thicker strips make tighter bands #youchoose)
  4. Taking a strip, stretch it gently to cause a rolling effect along the edges of strip (#repeatwithotherstrips)
  5. Now you have created your own set of snagless elastic hair bands (#recycledoldtights #savingtheenvironment)

These have a good amount of stretch to them (a property gladly appreciated when I put on my tights over voluptuous areas ::smile::). Therefore, it may be necessary to double wrap a strip before using it on your or your child's head for a secure fit (as pictured above). Or you could just make thicker strips to begin with and call it a day. I am hoping these will work great when I band Z's hair instead of using a million (#itseems) little black pony-o's that are extremely annoying to remove since her hair has gotten longer.

As usual, I hope this benefits at least one person! What other D.I.Y. hacks do you use when it comes to creating hair accessories?

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