Finding the Beauty and Grace in Our Hard | Mundane Faithfulness

While it is so easy for me to get caught up in the lightheartedness of wash day experiences, product reviews, and hair tutorials on hair and beauty blogs I follow, I enjoy exploring some blogs that showcase the heavier stuff in life--sickness, trials, sufferings--and how these bloggers in raw vulnerability share to their readers a different kind of beauty...the one from within and beyond skin deep.

One of these blogs is titled Mundane Faithfulness. We as humanity are so broken. It is just in our nature since the fall of man. However, we often miss the important message of grace and love in the midst of our brokenness. Instead, we choose to hide our brokenness in silence or complain about it in ungratefulness. We have grown overall into a culture that many times rejects vulnerability in the darkest hour, thus forfeiting God's bountiful provisions of acceptence, peace, connection, and joy when they are needed the most.

Kara, the author of this blog, shares openly her battle with cancer as she approaches the final phase of the disease. Treatments have ceased and now it is all a matter of time before she is called from this side of life. Yet, she still finds the time (and strength) to express her vulnerability to the entire world through her blog with messages of God, grace, mercy, compassion, joy, hope, and peace. Her posts are so wonderfully crafted...I am usually filled with tears reading most of them. Each post offers an opportunity for me to partake in some much needed reflection over my life, my brokenness, and how I can find the beauty in my mess, my trials, and in me the way God sees it. My natural sight is often so short but God can see far and beyond. I strive a little more each time to practice looking beyond myself and witness the evidence of God surrounding me each and every day not only in my good but in my bad, my worse, my worst. 

Kara has four beautiful children and a very loving and compassionate husband. I cannot even comprehend their struggle, their pain. If you have time, please {visit Kara's blog}...may it indeed change your perspective and bless your life.


They are in great need our prayers through this time of hard, time of broken yet time of grace, time of beauty.

Peace and blessings today and everyday!

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