First Wash Day Update of 2015 | Protein and Twists

I had my first full wash day last Friday and decided to start the year off strong with a protein treatment. Here's how it all went down:
  • Pre-pooed hair with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner + (lots of) Coconut Oil. I warmed the mixture in the microwave before applying to hair. Covered hair with plastic bag and Hot Head Heat Cap for 1 hour. Rinsed and sectioned hair into 6 parts (I am getting better with this sectioning business as my hair grows longer).
    • Although my low puff was in a tangled mess after several days of wear, I was easily able to section my hair after pre-pooing.
  • Shampooed hair with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo (diluted with water in an applicator bottle) for the first time ever. Based on the bottle, this shampoo serves as a clarifier (contains ACV) which was perfect for adequately cleansing my entire scalp--especially the areas I applied a lot of gel from my previous style. This product produced great lather, smelled great, and gave me a clean foundation for my protein treatment. Rinsed hair/scalp thoroughly and t-shirt dried for 10 minutes.
  • Applied the Naturals by HASK Strengthening Masque to each section of my head. {will post review soon} This stuff smells soooooo amazing! I had some serious aromatherapy going on this wash day. Kept on hair between 15-17 minutes uncovered. Rinsed hair under high pressure water to make sure I removed the entire masque. My hair definitely felt stronger and smoother after the treatment. T-shirt dried for 10 minutes.
  • Deep Conditioned hair with Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque {will post review soon} to hair for 20 minutes under Hot Head Heat Cap. This was all I had on hand other than the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength, Grow, and Restore Masque. The Jamaican BCO Masque contains hydrolyzed protein (basically protein broken into really small pieces that can easily absorb along the hair shaft) while the Yucca contains some protein but doesn't specify whether it is hydrolyzed. I did not want to chance protein overload by using the Jamaican BCO Masque so that's why I used the Yucca Masque instead. Detangled and rinsed each section.
    • My hair felt super smooth in the crown area...almost like plastic synthetic hair. My hair squeaked as I ran my fingers through this section only. #weird 
    • I don't know what this means but will surely keep an eye on this section in case of slight protein overload.
  • LOCed my hair using my homemade Shea Butter Mix as a sealant. Applied Aloe Vera Gel to hair as I twisted my hair. I admit that I got Shea Butter happy in some areas but overall exercised pretty decent application control overall.
My hair turned out so soft and plump. The twisting process took about 2.5 hours. Here are some pictures from the wash session:
Quite pleased with my protein/dc results. Minimal shedding occurred.

Just like my first protein treatment, my curls were really defined (after a little finger twirling of course)

Difference between the freshly done twists (on damp hair) versus next day twists (shrunken and completely dried)

By the end of the day on Saturday, I pinned back the front and have been wearing it like this since.
As of today, I am still rocking this same hairstyle. I may pin up the back to protected my ends during these super chilly days and possibly sport a twist out on Friday (my free loose hair day for the week based on my 2015 hair goals). This weekend, I will probably do a co-wash and re-twist my hair for another week. Hope you all kicked off the year with a great #washdayexperience. Check out the link up below and share your wash day with us:
The Wash Day Experience

Have a blessed one!

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