Fitness Updates | Week 2

My updates are as follows:

  • Completed 2 out of 3 workouts this week. Plan to do third workout tomorrow. Jillian still kicks butt although I can now do 5 regular push ups. #woot My highest rep was 15 in a row last year so I want to build up to that amount.
  • My husband baked pound cake TWICE within two weeks! tsk tsk tsk And I enjoyed every slice that entered my mouth and then told him no more cake. Other than that, my diet has been pretty decent this week. 
  • I have been snacking on more almonds and fruit (especially oranges, grapefruits, and bananas).
  • We did eat pizza yesterday, but I managed to eat three slices instead of four. #majorkudos
  • I made carrot soup this week, which my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed. Z, not so much although it was her initial idea since carrot is one of her favorite veggies. I think she was not fond of the creamy, smooth texture.
  • I made split pea soup as well and that turned out to be a hit for all of us. I left it chunky with carrots and potatoes for Z. I was inspired by a pea soup I sampled at Trader Joe's recently that blew me out the water. My variation was not too far off! 
  • I plan on making black bean soup next week along with some veggie/tofu stir fry and something Mexican (my favorite cuisine!).
  • I do not know where I stand with my water intake, but I am quite sure I have not been meeting my 6 cups a day goal.
  • I need to install a water log app on my phone asap. Any suggestions?
  • It has been a somewhat poor this week with me staying up a little later than usual, trying to get backed up things (and posts) done. I work best at night when my home is quiet so I can easily allow myself to creep into the midnight hours without a hitch.
  • Starting Sunday, I plan to shut down all devices by 10:40 so I can fall asleep better and get more quality rest.
My current weight has been hovering around 160-160.5. Last year at this time, I was around 170. I managed to get down to 152 last year over the course of 7 months of consistent working out (the lowest weight since pregnancy). Although I gained over the latter part of 2014, I am pleased that I am not starting exactly where I was last January. I will take the extra 8 pounds gained and work at that point.

I don't really have a numerical goal weight. As I get older, I look more so on how I feel and look in my clothing instead of a number of the scale. I am not overweight according to my height of 5'8, but I am borderline (163lb would put me in that BMI category). My weight right before I conceived Z was 139, but I was tiny at that weight. I will see how things look once I cross that 150 threshold. 

How was your fitness this week? Were you pretty much on board or did you have a setback or two? What are your goals for next week?

Fitness Friday

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