Hair Goals for 2015

We are here! 2015. I am a numbers person so 2+0+1+5 = 8 which represents "new beginnings". I am excited to be blessed to see another year. One of my major themes for last year was honesty {click here for post from last year}, which meant being real to myself and to others and appreciating my uniqueness on this side of life. As an introvert, that continues to be a challenge but on the flip side, age and maturity has allowed me to be more comfortable with my flaws and loving of myself. I plan to continue with that theme along with a new one of walking by faith and taking more risks. This is not in some reckless type of manner but more so testing my self-imposed limits and accepting what God already knows I am capable of achieving. Sometimes, we get some comfortable in our boxes that we miss out on so many greater things. The picture I usually have in mind is of me walking to the edge of a cliff, looking ahead into the cloudy unknown, and then turning back around because I can't see anything way to move forward by mine own means. tsk tsk tsk I have turned around so many times on the same cliff because of my faithlessness that God is my Bridge who will get me safely over the cliff and lead me toward the blessing of unknown (aka possibilities aka purposed living). This year, I am going to be a little bolder and not fall back into that insane cycle. I have a great feeling about my theme this year and can't wait to experience where God wants me to go.

With my overall theme shared, I wanted to mention the goals I have in regards to my hair this year:
  • My daughter wants me to wear my hair out more. Currently, my hair is in a low puff, and she loves it! Bless her heart(!!!), and Lord knows I want to set a positive image for her and her own natural hair. Understandably, she considers my wig to be boring because it looks the same I mean, I have been wearing this particular one for quite a while now. Even though it is a great measure to keep my hair protected as I grow it out, she does not understand the fact that wearing a wig aids in my management of trichotillomania especially when I am under stress. But, for her sake, I will challenge myself to wear my own hair "out" (but still in some sort of protective style) more this year. However, I will still honor the fact that under any periods of stress and anxiety, I will return to wearing my wig until I can get back to a calmer and more controlled place in my life. #unapologetic 
  • Continue practicing protective styling for majority of the year whether it be wigs, twists, or pinned up styles. The idea is to keep my hair stretched and ends hidden if possible. I will give myself 4 days out the month to wear my hair out if I choose.
  • Learn more about my hair's (and Z's) protein/moisture balance and incorporate more protein treatments in my regimen.
  • Use up all my product stash pictured above. The only additional commercial products I plan on purchasing throughout the year are the African Black Soap Purification Masque, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner, protein treatments, and one or two goodies on Black Friday (something from HairVeda and BeeMine). Granted, the stash will be divided between both Z and I. :-)
  • Time my wash sessions better so I am not up late at night doing my hair. #sooverit I would love to simplify my regimen as well so I can get everything done in less than 3 hours (including styling my hair for the week).
  • Better manage my dry scalp issue on a continual basis. I have an entire gallon of aloe vera juice to use at my disposal for this specific condition.  
  • Retain every 6 inches or so of hair (of course!).
For Z, the goals are:
  • Continue with the bi-weekly wash/co-wash and styling sessions. Pretty much stick with what has worked well for her hair last year. I will still wash her hair once a month and co-wash her hair once a month while deep conditioning twice a month if necessary. 
  • Cut down on styling time to under 5 hours every two weeks. I am still learning how to braid faster but have to be extra careful with her fine hair. I like to do things on Saturday and styling hair can take up so much time. Striving for a balance between a presentable longer term style and convenience is what I will work on this year. 
  • To aid with the previous goal, incorporate more styles with twists that can be curled with flexi rods as they age throughout the week to change up the look. Plus, I need to learn that it is okay to repeat styles if necessary. Sometimes, I take up so much time trying to plan something new or modify something I pinned on Pinterest. Right now, she is not too fussy about her hair and actually prefer wearing buns more now. I might as well take full advantage of this stage while I can.
  • Finger detangle her hair more often than using brushes and combs.
  • Trim no more than 1 inch of her hair by this summer. If I practice gentleness with her hair along with protective styling, I should not really need to do any more than that.
  • Retain every inch of her hair (of course!).
So this is pretty much all I have in mind for this year. What is your top hair goal/aspiration for 2015 or just life in general?

Happy New Year! :-)

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