Hair Tip | Using Cheap Pump Bottles to Hold Flaxseed Gel

Oh, how I love me some flaxseed gel! We fell in love quick even after a rough first date. I have made two batches of the gel so far, but my biggest peeve I have with my beloved is how messy it can get while scooping each glorious glob from the jar. 

Nevertheless, another love of mine came to the rescue: Dollar Tree. This is my go to store from things dealing with organizing (their bins/containers are seriously awesome), baking (hello, disposable foil pans), party decor (galore!), nail polish (because Z is so into them now), and kids crafts (to keep Z busy for a few minutes on the 

I often times skip over the hygiene section because our skin is pretty sensitive around here. Therefore, I am not about to buy products full of crazy chemicals on our skin to exacerbate our issue. #notknocking I do know plenty of naturals who use the VO5 products that can be found in the same aisle for cheap co-washing purposes. I would too if I could find the Strawberry and Cream conditioner in stock. #myfavewhenIfirstwentnatural

Anyway, upon strolling down the aisle, I found this niffy travel pack of 3 empty plastic bottles. Instantly my mind went straight to my gel and the messy dilemma I have been going through. I knew right away that the little pump bottle in the pack would be the new home for my gel. 

After several test runs with the pump, this idea works beautifully! But why?
  • I can control the amount of gel I use in any given section of hair #imnaturalheavyhanded
  • I don't have to stick my entire hand into the jar
  • Literally, there's no more mess and waste. The gel goes directly into the palm of my hand
  • I don't have to have my entire batch of gel just sitting out while I am doing my hair
So I am smitten. I love finding little things to make the hair process simpler. This fits the overall theme of my hair journey: KISS (keep it simple sista)!

It will be a disservice if I did not show this awesome little headband I found at Dollar Tree:

Hope this tip helps make life a little less pump at a time!

What's your favorite item(s) from the dollar store?

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