Hair Tip | Using Clips to Reduce Shrinkage in Twists

Last week, I posted about Z's twists done on stretched hair. It has been nice seeing some of her hair length although her twists have shrunken gradually over time.

Since I styled her hair on dry hair, it was important for me to lightly re-moisturize her hair and seal the moisture in with oil. We all know that water can cause some reversion on straight/stretched hair. On top of that, the flaxseed gel I used to add hold to her twist is primarily made of water. Therefore, to reduce shrinkage, I added hair clips to her twists to "weigh" them down and keep them stretched as the gel dries and set. Once all her twists were completed and her hair was dry, I simply removed all the clips for her to enjoy the length of her twists. If I did not use the clips, the bottom of her hair would have shrunken 2-3 inches easily by the time I finished twisting her hair.

Although I not that the type to obsess over shrinkage since I usually style our hair on damp hair, she was pleased to see that her hair is long and growing (and that momma is doing the right thing for her

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