Homemade Moisturizing Spritz | Simplified

I have mixed up a lot of stuff over the past few months. Although it has been fun, it is time to revert back to that K.I.S.S. concept, and I am starting with my homemade moisturizing spritz.

Since I plan to continue spritzing on a daily (or every other day) basis, I wanted to simplify what I am adding to my spray recipes that will help control my itchiness as well as reduce product build up.

Before, I was adding olive oil and leave-in conditioner to my spritz recipe, but I believe these ingredients were contributing to the extra oiliness/build-up on my face, scalp, and hair especially when using the spritz regularly. This definitely has not been good for my present face issues. Thus, I will be saving the extra oils and leave-ins for wash days only.

My latest spritz contains only three ingredients:
  • aloe vera juice: natural conditioner, soothes scalp and reduces dandruff
  • distilled water: nature's best moisturizer
  • essential oil(s): adds fragrance and various unique properties

I usually do not measure anything out precisely, but for my latest recipe, I filled the bottle approximately:
  • 1/2 full of aloe vera juice
  • 1/3 full of distilled water
  • 6 drops of vitamin E (aids in circulation and hair growth)
I have been using this recipe for several days now, and it works nicely at keeping my bun moisturized and Z's box braids hydrated. There have been no complaints of major, or even minor, itchies so far from either one of us. #fistpump

Hopefully with this less and more concept, cleaning my spritz bottle will be a breeze--although it really does not get easier than the rice method. {see how here}

Do you incorporate homemade spritzes in your regimen? What are your favorite ingredients?

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