Jillian, We Meet AGAIN | First Workout of 2015

Just a little celebratory post noting I completed my first workout this year. Every year, I start off with Jillian. She's such a butt kicker, but I love it. This workout always shock my body after a 5-6 month workout hiatus. #asitshould  Right now, I am so tired and will definitely feel sore either tomorrow or the day after. I really wanted to stop midway through the DVD but pushed through even though I half-butted it during the last third of the workout. But I finished and that's that! I plan on doing this DVD three times a week (nothing more/nothing less) for this month. #slowandsteady

In a post on Friday, I will go in further detail about my health/fitness goals this year and how I plan to approach them differently from the past. Hope everyone is having a great start this year so far!

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