Minimalizing My Life | The Beauty Edition

"Would you rather have organized clutter or no clutter at all?" -from a pin on Pinterest

I stated in {this post} that two of my aspirations for 2015 include stepping out more in faith and taking more risks. What this means to me is that I must open the walls of my comfort box and let go of possessions that no longer have purpose in my life. The things I thought that if I kept neat, tidy, organized, and tucked away, they are justified to stay in my home. The things I have been holding on to based on the "what ifs" and "just in cases" in my mind that have chronically distracted me from seeing the bigger, better, and sometimes even simple blessings in my life.

My spirit is urging: Let these things and thoughts go...with an open fist and an open mind. A closed fist not only holds on to many trivial things but prevents greater things from transpiring into the energy surrounding one's life.

Just some backdrop:
I have been purging lately. Little by little. Inspired by so many pins on Pinterest about decluttering and embracing minimalism, a desire has grown deep inside to pursue this way of life as my own. One blog I am loving now is Minimalist Beauty.  I understand that this process is not an overnight ordeal (as I am well aware of by now). It involves a physical decluttering as well as a mental. Both entities go hand in hand in order for minimalism to "materialize" into a more ingrained lifestyle.

Oh what a grueling process it has been so far! From clothes I held on "just in case" I lost enough weight to fit back into those junior sized pre-preggers jeans and tops (yeah, ok) to shoes and boots that no longer fit my evolving style, I packed up bag by by to send off to the consignment stores. From papers and books from undergrad (and grad) that you couldn't pay me to go through ever again to knick knacks I used to crowd on shelves from my previous larger apartment (that have no place in my current smaller place), I had to let it go via the donation or trash bin. 

Really, it looked like I was in the midst of a mini move as I hauled so many items to my car that once burdened my space and my life. But how freeing was it give away and never have to deal with that stuff ever again! I wished I took pictures from the beginning of this process. It has been tedious going through much of my belongings (and some of Z' husband is a whole different story. #hehastobewilling #andthatsok). Throughout my purging though, I kept realizing how blessed I have been for God covering my needs while granting me so many wants. 

Minimizing make up:
I am not a make up person although occasionally I have wished I knew how to apply it enough to cover some of my skin imperfections. But ultimately, I'd rather learn how to take better care of my skin and use natural products to resolve and clear my skin issues. {more on my efforts later}

Digging underneath my bathroom cabinet, I discovered outdated make up from 2005 (ew) that for whatever non-hygienic reason I was hanging onto based on a "what if" I get into make up. Ha, over a decade later? Sure. ::sideeye:: 90% of my eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, foundations, and etc. went quickly to the trash can.  I did keep 10% of my stock for "just in case"  This does include my lip balms and eyeliners though which I surely do use. Nevertheless, I vowed that the rest gets dumped if they aren't used by this summer.

Minimizing polishes:
Polishes. Really. How many shades of the same color do I really need? I had polishes that either were too old (aka caked where I could not open the top), smelled weird (ew), tacky, or just in a color I had no interest in wearing. I threw half my stash out and have no plans to purchase any new color unless I throw an existing one away. #thatstherule  By the way, my newer polishes dry sooooo much faster than the older ones I had in my stash. Ain't nobody have time for smudges and smears 30 minutes after finishing a color set. #goodriddance

Minimizing misc:
I went through my remaining items and threw away old lotions and creams, multiple manicure sets and clippers, and majority of my sprays and fragrances.

In the end, I was able to clear out an entire storage bin underneath my cabinet and was clear off the bathroom counter of non-essential items. #smallsteps The challenging part now will be resisting the temptation to refill my empty areas. Hopefully, moving forward, I will assess my beauty purchases to determine their true value in my beauty regimen. If it is a product to be used every once in a blue moon, it will most likely stay at the store. If it is something that proves to be useful, what am I willing to give up that is currently less effective? This is where the mental transformation comes in...

...because if I don't keep my mind in check and decluttered of "what ifs" and "just in cases", I will find myself in this cycle again in the near future. #fromexperienceIknow

The next post will discuss minimizing my jewelry collection.

What is one area of your life you would like to minimize in 2015? Keep your answer in mind for the next post as I share my effort to minimize my jewelry collection and announce a special giveaway later today!

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