Minimalizing My Life | The Jewelry Edition + A Giveaway Announcement!

{In my previous post}, I discussed my motivation behind minimalizing my life and releasing belongings that just no longer have purpose anymore. I started this process several weeks ago and have slowly been discovering the freedom that accompanies with discarding material excess. I have a long ways to go, but step by step, little by little, I am moving closer to decluttering my life.
Just some backdrop:
A few years back when Z was a wee little baby, I opened an Etsy store called Beadifully Younique Jewelry, showcasing my uniquely handcrafted beaded jewelry with a BE.YOU focus. It was my outlet that allowed me to tap into my creative right brain in the midst of insomnia, post-partum depression, and just feeling outside of myself in this new normal as a first time mom. I made some decent side change in the year and a half I had it opened, but then somehow those down hours where Z would sit in one spot and nap most of the day magically disappeared. That, on top of returning to grad school, holding down the home while my husband worked and attended school, and some very poor time management skills, I decided it was best to close down shop. I was disappointed because crafting and being creative with my hands are talents I have been given from above. To leave my shop to take on the stresses of life was depressing to me in a way, but it worked out for good. I survived. I am stronger. I have found multiple creative outlets since then that I truly do enjoy if not even more. #onlybyHisgrace

Five years later, I am still holding on to my unsold pieces "just in case" I found the moment to pursue my online shop again. However, "just in case" just has not arrived. Nevertheless, the time is now for me to downsize my jewelry collection, both purchased and handmade.

Minimizing my jewelry:
I learned a long time ago that beads could get really messy if I did not invest in several plastic organizers similar to this one found here. I also learned that these organizers are great for storing away so many other items such as office supplies, batteries, small hardware like screws, bolts, etc., and, of course, earrings and other smaller pieces of jewelry.

I went through all of my earrings, necklaces, watches, and some bracelets and put them into three piles:
  • Discard: (pieces that have faded, tarnished (oh my beloved hoops), or become discolored over time; earrings who have lost their partners)
  • Thrift: (pieces that just no longer fit my style especially those super chunky bracelets and rings; some pieces that I had too many of the same color of: red earrings, silver necklaces and bracelets, white earrings)
  • Keep: (everything I really liked that could fit into my organizer)
I ended up throwing away a quart size bag of jewelry away along with donating another quart sized bag to a local thrift store. Now that all of my jewelry is organized (relatively) by color and easily visible in my organizer, I can enjoy wearing my favorite pieces on a regular basis! I also have a shoe box storage container holding the majority of my handmade wire wrap bracelets and large beaded necklaces. Both storage containers are nicely stored underneath my bathroom sink for easy access.

With all of this said, here's where you all come in...

The giveaway:

From now until 11:59pm on February 7, 2015, I will be be hosting my first blog giveaway for you all to enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of handmade earrings designed and made by yours truly in time for Valentine's Day. {click here for more details and to enter the giveaway}

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