Top 5 Posts of 2014 | Thanks for the Support!

I have seen these posts floating around so I figured I would join in and list which posts received the most love in 2014:
  1. Yarn Wraps/Faux Locs/Genie Locs FAQ and Tips 
  2. Z's Last Style of 2013: Double Buns with Cornrows and Twists
  3. First Attempt: African Hair Threading/Ghana Plaits
  4. Twisted Bun Cornrow Updo
  5. How to Fix Stiff Faux Locs

The two runner ups:

As I mentioned in my Best of 2014 post, last year was the year of the yarn wraps for us and clearly they have been one of the in styles over the past couple of years. I am not sure if they will reign the same title this year, however. Z's hair will be hitting the foot mark in length in many areas in a couple of months, and that's a lot of hair to be wrapping around a child's hair (and a lot of time). I might look into doing yarn braids/twists on her hair this summer although I feel they would not hold as well as yarn wraps. #wewillsee Until then, we will be rocking our hair until then.

Just for kicks, here's a picture of Z on the first hair related post published on our blog:

This was September 2013 when I cut off a few inches of her hair to kick off the beginning of her healthy hair journey. How time flies! #suchpreciousface

I can't wait to see what will be the big hits for 2015. Thanks for the support and <3!

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