Using Rice to Clean Awkward Shaped Bottles

Can you imagine how many of these little $1 bottles I have recycled (and I don't mean reused but threw right into the recyling bin) because I could not get them completely clean using soap and hot water?

I was on Pinterest (as usual) looking up diy house cleaning stuff and found a pin about cleaning awkward shaped bottles. My interest was piqued immediately, and I went to the website linked to the pin. The article stated all you need are the following:
  • rice (used a teaspoon)
  • soap (added some vinegar (optional) for extra cleansing power)
  • water (HOT)
Aha!!! So rice was the missing proponent in my madness! How ingenious! #cantyoutellmyexcitement The next move was to try this method ASAP.

I added all three ingredients into my bottle (filling it 2/3 the way up), gave it a good shake, and rinsed. Voila! Now my crazy shaped, narrow mouth "can't get anything inside to clean it" bottle is clean and free of all debris within a minute. Amazeballs! <<this word is actually in the Oxford dictionary, btw #hilarious

Here's a closeup of how well the rice worked in comparison to soap and water alone:

Yep, this tip has been etched in my brain. Now I want to clean all my bottles. Eh, not really. :-) Off to make another batch of spritz though!

I love sharing tips like this especially when small/simple things make huge differences. How do you clean your reuseable bottles? Any special tricks of the trade?

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