Wash Day | Co-washing Naptural85 Style + Twist Out

Last wash day was a co-wash session and went down like this:
  • Co-washed hair using the method demonstrated by Naptural85. {see video here}
    • Started with dry hair (from a twist out) that has seen a couple days of moisturizing neglect
    • Took a medium section of hair in the back, and applied two layers of conditioner + a layer of oil (olive); finger detangled
      • Used Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner on right side of head
      • Used AO GPB Conditioner on the left side
    • Twisted each section into a chunky twist (8 total on head)
  • Once entire head was twisted, I rinsed each section of hair with warm water followed by a dose of cold aloe vera juice on hair and scalp 
    • The aloe vera juice felt so good on my scalp. The coolness really helped alleviate the itchiness
    • Instantly my hair felt much smoother because of the low pH of the juice (higher acidity=closed shaft=locked in moisture)
  • Immediately following the aloe vera juice, I applied oil (olive) to the section of hair before rinsing that section off to remove the excess oil
    • Really, this part was a total breeze since the aloe vera juice smoothed down my cuticles
  • Used the remaining aloe vera juice in applicator bottle to do a rinse over my scalp (so lovely); did not rinse
  • T-shirt dried hair for 5 minutes
I loved how the AO GPB Conditioner felt as I was applying it to my hair. It glided right through my hair a little easier than the Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner (or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, eh?). I would like to attribute the smoothness to the ceramides (wheat germ oil) found in the AO conditioner. Read more about ceramides: {source} | {source} | {source}-with list of products contain ceramides

On the flip side, once everything was rinsed out and it was time to style, the left side seemed a little stiffer/harder than the right. It was not anything to cause major concern (like protein overload), but I am guessing it is because of the light protein in the AO conditioner.  I know I have been doing a protein treatment near the beginning of each month, but I am not sure I will need another one this week. We will see.

For styling, it was late so I decided to take my chance and do some twists (around 25) for a twist out this past Sunday. I applied some SM Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style milk and a little bit of my homemade flaxseed gel on each section of my hair before twisting it into a medium sized twist. My hair was so soft once I finished  my entire head. The best part was that the styling process only took me 35 minutes! I allowed my hair to air dry for another 30 minutes before covering it up and heading to bed.

The following morning, I had a successful and soft chunky twist out that involved low manipulation:

In an upcoming post, I will share my thoughts on co-washing using Naptural85's method and whether or not it will make a regular part of my co-wash regimen.

What tips do you have to simplify your co-wash sessions? Leave a comment below and go share your latest wash day at this week's linkup:

The Wash Day Experience

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