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School's out here because of icy road conditions so I can catch up on the latest with our hair (while Z enjoys a movie).

Last Saturday, I co-washed my hair after wearing it in twists (that kept shrinking and skrinking) for a week. I am so glad it was a co-wash day because the following day, I gave Z a full wash session which equated to more than enough hair care for an entire weekend.

My co-washes are pretty simple, which I am thankful for:

  • Pre-pooed for 30 minutes with my usual Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle + Oil (coconut) mix under my Hot Head Heat Cap. Rinsed.
  • Conditioned my hair with Suave Professionals Shea Butter and Almond Oil conditioner (so thick!). Detangled and rinsed hair. Had more shedding this time around. T-shirt dried hair for 5 minutes.
  • Moisturized hair with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in and sealed with Shea Butter mix.
  • Applied (a butt load) of gel to my hair to put into a low pony puff using my d.i.y elastic bands. {see how here} Secured short pieces with bobby pins. 
  • Twisted puff into several twists (about 10) and pinned them into a bun to keep them protected.
  • Tied hair down with a scarf to smooth out edges overnight.
The next morning (Sunday), this was the result {see my pictorial here}:

I loved my bun even though I had all kinds of gray strands popping out here and there! It was a much quicker style to do in lieu of my beloved twists especially since my time was short. Here are a few other pictures from this wash session:

If my hair was not so saturated with conditioner, I would have rocked this look!

Last night, I did another co-wash to re-moisturize my hair since I have been working out and my hair has started to become frizzy. I re-did my hair into a bun to get me through to my next full wash session this weekend.

How was your recent wash day? Share your experience at the following linkup:

The Wash Day Experience

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