Z's Last Wash Day of 2014 | Bye Bye Yarn Wraps

Late post. Better than never. This wash day happened on 12/26/14.

I took out Z's yarn wraps over our holiday vacay at my parents' house. The process was relatively simple and took about an hour to complete. Here's her hair right after removal:

After tackling that came the knitty gritty of her wash session which went down like this:
  • Pre-pooed for 35 minutes under Hot Head Heat Cap with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner + Coconut Oil. I should have warmed the mix up first...quite gritty). Finger detangled as I rinsed conditioner from hair {see pic below for first round of shed hair).
  • Shampooed with Aubrey Organics Tea Tree & Primrose Shampoo (diluted). Achieved a really nice lather to get her scalp cleaned. Rinsed hair.
  • Deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow, and Restore Treatment Masque for 40 minutes under Hot Head Cap (although direction said 20 minutes...oops). Divided hair into small sections and detangled using Knot Genie brush (first time on her hair). Rinsed hair.
    • Granted, I have not detangled her hair in 4 weeks, but she sure did have a lot of shed hair. I am not sure if the Knot Genie was a little too rough on her hair (even though Z did not complain of tenderness/pain as I was brushing). I felt her hair was a little fragile and mushy soft so a protein treatment will soon be underway at her next wash day.
    • I am unsure how I feel about this masque on her hair. I was a little heavy handed with it but I think I like how the African Black Soap Purfication Masque works better on her hair. I will say that she has not complained of an itchy scalp almost 2 weeks since this wash day.
  • Decided to twist her hair to give it a rest. Section by section I:
  • Here are a few pictures from her wash session:
Shrinkage in full effect
The clump on the left was about the size of a quarter for reference.

And that pretty much summed up her last wash day of 2014. Being with her grandparents, the last thing she wanted to do was to be bogged down with hair business. But after several princess movies and lots of treats, I was able to finish twisting her hair in 3 hours. Her hair has grown so much over the past year. {See her current length in the next post}. I look forward to see what gains we can achieve with it in 2015.

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