Z's Twists on Stretched Hair | Mini Trim

Happy Wednesday! Have you all been enjoying some warm weather over the past several days? We sure have down here in the South. Such a teaser though, but we will take it. #cantwaitforSpring

For the past week, Z has been wearing her box braids (in a pony tail per her request). They have been holding up pretty well even with the expected frizz over time. The original plan was to keep her braids in until this weekend, but with school being out on Monday, I decided to go ahead and take down her braids so I can twist her hair while stretched. I have not done this on her hair in a while as I mentioned on Instagram, so I was curious how her hair would look. I typically twist on damp hair.

Before I start a style, I generally like to look over her scalp for any issues such as dandruff, redness, or dryness. I will admit upon inspection of her head that she had a few stress spots particularly in the back from a few of her braids. This is particularly why I don't like styling her hair at night--poorer light. When I finished her braids, I asked her if any were too tight. She pointed only to two braids which I loosen immediately. Clearly there were a few more. #sigh Because of this, I had even more reason to proceed with twisting her hair versus doing a full cornrow style--to give her scalp a break from tension in the back. Over the stressed areas, I sprayed some of our homemade spritz and applied a little olive oil.

5 hours later (with a few breaks), this was the finished result:

I did not expect it would take me this long to twist her hair. All I did was take down one box braid, moisturize and seal the section, apply a light coat of flaxseed gel, and twist the section. I did not over spritz her hair because I did not want her hair to revert back too much so her length could should more. In the process, I went ahead and did a mini trim since I don't think she had one since June {click here to see her last trim | click here to see her first trim}. Her ends weren't terribly bad but she had some single strand knots. I trimmed about a quarter each from each twist. 

It is amazing how different our textures are! Nevertheless, we both can employ the same practices toward healthy hair. {see my texture of my clipped ends} Since it took quite a bit of time to style Z's hair, I plan to keep her twists in until next Friday. I will lightly spritz her ends each morning and at night (and seal with olive oil).

How did you style your child's hair this week?

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