Cornrow & Twisted Bunhawk | Quick + Simple Protective Style

Simple, simple, simple! That was my goal this past Saturday when I sat down to style Z's hair. I told myself I was not going to spend more than two hours on her hair, and lo and behold, I accomplished just that!

Lately, I have been on a pursuit to find easy styles to do on Z's hair that are: 1) protective, 2) take less time to finish, and 3) can last for a week. The first style I found online was the bunhawk and was impressed by the simplicity of the style from two YouTube videos I watched. Right after, I knew this was the next style to be done on Z's hair. However, me being me, I switched it up and braided cornrows going into the buns. Without the braids, this style would have easily taken me under an hour to complete.

The process went as follows:
  1. Removed threads from the ghana plaits she wore last week into a bun. {read more about no-heat stretching}
  2. Using the parts from her previous style as a starting point, I straighted out the parts so that she had three horizontal sections plus a section for a side bang. 
  3. Lightly combed out the sections with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Moisturized her hair: Lightly sprayed each section with homemade spritz, applied SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in, sealed with oil, and applied homemade flaxseed oil for hold.
  5. Starting at the back, I cornrowed two cornrows on each side for each section. The loose ends were twisted. I did this for each section and ended with 6 cornrows on each side. I twisted the bang section to the side.
  6. Gathered 4 twists into a nylon band, twisted them together, and pinned the back section up and over to create the bottom bun.
  7. Repeated the same process for the middle and top bun sections except I pinned the twists down and under.
  8. Lightly sprayed her hair with SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold and Shine Mist.

Here are a few more pictures:

My cornrowing skills are not the best (I can be quite slooooow), but I loved how this style came out. I saved a couple of hours doing large cornrows instead of my usual small cornrows, which is very much appreciated by both me and Z. She loved the style as well as denoted by her thumbs up after running to her bathroom to do a style check once I was

A style to add to my quick and simple style arsenal. So happy!

What are some of your favorite quick styles to do on your girl's hair?

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