February Mini Challenge | Updo #1

I joined a mini updo challenge for the month of February. Basically the rules are:
  • Style hair in an updo each week
  • MUST be an updo. Faux bobs don't count
  • Cannot repeat a style
  • Manipulate hair as little as possible
More deets about the challenge can be found on Great Lengths blog.

So my last wash day with this past Saturday. With Z down with bronchitis, I did not have much time to mess around with my hair. I even opted out on my usual deep conditioning because time was stretched thin. Nevertheless, I was able to get it good and much needed washing and quick conditioning before setting my hair in my usual twists.

Whenever it comes to pinning up my twists at this particular length, it boils down to free-styling. My twists can only stretch but so long so I have use quite a bit of pins to keep my twists "up". For this particular updo, I wanted huge bangs because they will only be at this length for so long before they start falling into my eyes. I might as well enjoy them! To create the updo, I took a section of 2-3 twists, twisted them together, and pinned the section toward the middle of my head. I did this for a total of 4 times on each side of my head. I then took the twists at the bottom (nape) of my head and pinned them up, being careful to tuck the ends toward the scalp instead of sticking up and out. 

The twisting and pinning took about 2 hours to complete. The best part about this style is that I can still wear my beanie hat which is particularly useful in this cool weather. To keep my hair protected from the friction of my hat, I cover the pinned section of my head with a do-rag. On top of that, I cover my head with my black bonnet before putting on my beanie. 

I plan to keep this style until this weekend while moisturizing my hair (especially my bangs) daily.

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