February Mini Updo Challenge | Updo #2 + How I Use a Do-Rag

So, this is week 2 of the February Updo Mini Challenge. You can see {week 1 updo here + same style revamped}. For this week, I am wearing my hair in twists and pinned up (again) but in a different style:

As I mentioned in my latest wash day post, I normally just freestyle these updos as I go. And how the pins lay is how I will wear the style for the week. 

In regard to preserving my updos, I usually do not wear a bonnet because it does not lay against my updo well enough to help keep the frizzies tame and laid overnight. I also do not wear a scarf because indentations can be formed in my styles (either at the nape or at the front) from the knot as I secure the scarf to my head. Bonnets work better when I wear my twists down, and scarves work best when I wearing low bun styles.

So what do I use when I wear updos? The old school do-rag, but I wear it upside down instead. Here is a pictorial showing how:

This method has worked so well in preserving my updos. The do-rag stays secure overnight plus it is not super tight around my head to cause indentations. #noheadacheforme

How do you protect your updos overnight so they are nice and tidy in the morning?

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